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11-Aug-2019 15:13

Brandon Wade launched the site in 2006 as a passion project: On traditional dating sites he was “outgamed by guys who had good looks or amazing bodies,” Wade told me in a 2013 interview, but he won out when it came to financial success.Critics have smeared Seeking Arrangement as an online brothel that promotes antiquated male-female relationship dynamics (think Lorelei Lee’s sugar daddy boyfriend in ).“The problem is that all of our lives we’re asked, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up? ’”Tatianna has since taken the younger girl under her wing in a “private organization where our mentors are developing assets for us so we can retire in two years.”She went on: “We believe in a movement called social entrepreneurism, which is the act of helping people become better people so they can pay it forward and help others too. And I can’t do that if I don’t have financial freedom.”After graduating college, Tatianna felt like she could either work in finance and “make a ton of money but help no one” or go into social work and “be broke as hell but help people.” She’s since become cynical about traditional careers.It’s a huge network with businesses around the world.”Tatianna also works part-time as a high school guidance counselor, she said, and declined to reveal more about the organization.“I don’t want financial freedom for materialistic things,” the younger woman said. “The idea that you’ll be passionate about what you do for the rest of your life is a ridiculous concept.”To these women, having a sugar daddy is a get-rich-quick scheme with a networking component. Here was a strong-willed woman who wanted financial independence more than anything else.

They met when Tatianna was invited to speak as an alumni to younger sorority sisters.“She was like, ‘I feel lost,’” Tatianna recalled.

The invitation to Wednesday’s “Sugar Baby Mixer” was seemingly unaffiliated with Seeking Arrangement.

When I arrived at the event at 8 p.m., an hour after it started, it seemed more like an awkward holiday office party than a seedy space for intimate, pay-for-play encounters.

He gave her for the chat and rub-down, but Lexi was disappointed.

Others maintained that it was easier to make connections at in-person events than on Seeking Arrangement.“Some of the guys on Seeking Arrangement are just looking for a fuck buddy,” said Tatianna, an outgoing and attractive 36-year-old who described herself as a “serial entrepreneur.”“I have a busy lifestyle and I want a relationship that’s financially lucrative, but there also needs to be chemistry,” she said of her sugar daddy expectations.Asked about the transactional nature of sugar baby-sugar daddy relationships, Amanda said she couldn’t speak for others but was adamant she’d “never” had sex with one of her sugar daddies.“I’ve always received gifts and money and I’ve never once had sex,” she said again, adding that plenty of sugar daddies are happy to pay for friendship and company.

The site is part of the umbrella of the Cupid Media Network, which has dating sites internationally.… continue reading »

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