Automatically updating sheet list in excel Sex chat filmed

12-Aug-2019 14:28

Back on the worksheet, cell B6 contains this formula copied down: This goes into the INDEX function as "array".

CELL retrieves the workbook name and sheet, and the MID and FIND functions are used to extract just the sheet name. The Excel INDEX function returns the value at a given position in a range or array.

The Excel ROW function returns the row number for a reference.

For example, ROW(C5) returns 5, since C5 is the fifth row in the spreadsheet.

In the example shown, the formula in B5 is: The purpose of this code is to force recalculation to pick up changes to sheet names.

Because NOW is a volatile function, it recalculates with every worksheet change.At each new row, INDEX returns the next array value.

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