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11-Sep-2019 11:49

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At certain periods, this was very different from the current value, resulting in a first cause of error.

A second cause of error is due to what we call the reservoir effect of oceans.

In comparison, the ageing of samples through the presence of "dead carbon" is almost negligible.

Note that for paintings exposed to air, contamination by organic matter of indeterminate age must also be taken into account.

The main difficulty consists in measuring the dose of annual radiation (this is the main cause of error).

TL dating of calcite deposits was used in the Paleolithic caves of Pondra and La Garma (Cantabria).

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The technique consists in subjecting the sample to additional known irradiation doses, in order to calculate the paleodose (which is to say the irradiation that the sample was exposed to during the period of time since it was last heated (for flint), or since its formation (for calcite).

C is constant in all living creatures and begins to decrease from their time of death, when there is no further exchange with the environment.

Libby (1949) inferred from this that it was possible to determine the date of the death of the organism by measuring the residual proportion of C, what we refer to as "dead carbon", for example from carbonates of geological origin), then the age is older, but this is independent from the age of the sample and the effects are limited (less than 900 years for 10% of dead carbon; figure 1On the other hand, impurities containing recent carbon are a particularly serious source of error, especially for older samples.

A sample with a real age of 40000 years, only containing 1% of recent carbon, would yield an apparent age of 32800 years, which corresponds to a rejuvenation of 7200 years!

(figure 1Therefore the main cause of error in radiocarbon dating is the presence of recent carbon leading to more recent dates.The results are perfectly consistent, both in relation to each other and in relation to the age of the black paintings (Cuzange Unfortunately, this experiment did not silence the antagonists, who were taken off guard and advanced improbable hypotheses to continue to refute the age of the paintings from Chauvet Cave (Combier, Jouve, 2012).

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