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01-Aug-2019 20:29

However, some background knowledge can be very misleading.

We watch people say "I love you" in movies all the time.

My husband and I met in Kyoto, Japan, where we were both working.

The first culture shock I experience was when he showed up to one of our early dates in roller blades.

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Many Japanese people are very punctual, except for people from Okinawa.Again, it may not be everyone from Okinawa, but people there tend not to be too bothered with time. When I was working in Kyoto I had a colleague from Okinawa.He told me a story that illustrates the concept of Okinawa Time.In my case, of course the roller blade story was not the only one. So, I'd like to point out that the following list I'm going to utilize to explain what it's like to date a non-Japanese person are simply examples of what some people in relationships with someone outside their own nationality have noticed and there it is likely that many people won't fit or agree with these examples.

Long before meeting him I had learned from movies and television that Western people aren't shy about kissing in public, but I didn't know that they also wouldn't mind farting in public. Please don't be upset if they seem not to fit your perceptions.

I was kind of shocked to see it and felt embarrassed again.

Between this and doctors, we should be able to find trials.… continue reading »

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