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11-Mar-2019 02:10

I think it’s just that — its inexhaustible nature — that makes New York both exhausting and totally invigorating, depending on what stage of life you’re in.

I’m not sure if I’ll live here forever, but I’m definitely not tired of it yet. I first came to New York in 2013 to do a yearlong internship at a small design agency. I had been back in London for a year and a half after graduating from university and I was feeling stuck in a rut, career-wise. I had absolutely no commitments at the time: I wasn’t married to my job, wasn’t in a relationship, was living at home, so it felt like a no-brainer to go off and spend a year having a New York experience.

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In terms of what I love about New York, at this stage of my life and career, I’m grateful to live in a city that still feels limitless. It pulses with some weird, crazy energy that I’ve never really found anywhere else, and I’m kind of addicted to it.And I was right that they had many distinctive traits, which I grew to appreciate, but over time I became acquainted with their similarities, as well.