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05-Jul-2019 23:40

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If he doesn't even ask why you aer pulling back, then obviously just leave it. He continues to text and apologises if he hasn't for whatever reason.

Sounds like his mum is poorly so he is often there looking after her so I guess it may be the I don't know when we'd get to meet??

Your instinct is telling you he isn't that keen but the texting is confusing you.

My gut reaction is that he is keeping you on the sidelines..maybe he has other women is similar positions.

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He hasn't been on match since our second date so that just say something too??And at least you'll know rather than waiting around wondering! It's not about encouraging women to be passive - it's reminding us that a relationship is driven forward by 2 people wanting it to happen.Women are much more inclined than men to build up hopes based on one or two dates, and it's a way of keeping that tendency in check - OP said she felt she had 'led' on 2nd date, so now it's his turn. I see that maybe he is playing it cool but guess he wouldn't waste his time texting me if he wasn't interested.Both went really well and we had a laugh and both seemed to enjoy ourselves.

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He has been texting me since the 2nd date as have I.Lollipop - are you really saying that anyone who flirts is disrespecting the person they are flirting with?