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15-May-2019 01:58

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Why would I risk getting a life-long disease for someone I just met even if they seem to be a nice person? Also, there are lots of other posts on herpes and its risks, etc. It is almost always spread through genital-genital contact HSV-1 is best known for causing cold sores or fever blisters around the mouth and nose. I am so ashamed of myself and regret not telling him sooner. I think if you really like the person you can get past the std, I mean if there is a chance you'll be together long term. I'd be VERY hesitant to go out with someone who has herpes, although, this is a question I've wondered for a while, if someone does have herpes, couldn't that potentially get them laid a lot MORE?

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Provided that the girl I used to see did not outright accuse me of infecting her with herpes (false accusation), I would still date her.

Through very radical alternative treatments (oral hydrogen peroxide, total health), I've been able to get it into remission for 2 years and counting.

It really cannot affect the quality of my life now, but it's been a rough road. I rarely get outbreaks and they go away really quickly. The mental and emotional anguish is worse - the fear that men will shun you and hurt you feel when they turn off.

It was her attitude that made me decide I wish not to associate with her any longer.

Well, here's a few ideas from the other side of the fence.

You should educate yourself before making a decision, and that's hard with herpes because there's so much misinformation out there, and doctors will steer you in the WRONG direction more often than not. Aside from a complete lack of a physical relationship, if there is no sex then there is no hope of kids. My reasoning is this: they could find others who have herpes, and they wouldn't have to worry about spreading it because the other person already has it. When I first got a sore I was in a big panic -- I didn't know what herpes was --i went to a clinic and they told be all sorts of horror - i told my boyfriend and he took me straight to bed and had unprotected sex with me.