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All things considered, it was a rather tasteless angle. Indeed, Pro Wrestling Insider claimed at the time the proposed ending for the angle was for it to be revealed that Melina was actually a man.

Yes, Melina was going to be revealed to be a dude in drag.

In the midst of his venting, he also revealed the following gem to on-screen girlfriend Trish Stratus: In the mid-90s, Dustin Runnels, then at his peak in WWF as the highly controversial and demented Goldust character, went to Vince and told him he wanted to get breast implants (“Know what Goldust wanted to do one time?

He wanted breast implants.”)Was this just a deranged Vince sounding off? There was apparently more than a glimmer of truth to this wacky tale.

Indeed, for what was essentially a vanity project that aimed at presenting Vince in the best light possible, most viewers would have come away from this thinking Vince was a very strange guy indeed. Well, in between all the cute family stories, lavish praise from the wrestlers interviewed and the general crooning about how “Vince turned the business around,” a bomb is dropped when the subject of Stephanie Mc Mahon's real-life pregnancy comes up.

In a sit down interview filmed exclusively for the DVD, Stephanie, who was at that point pregnant with her and husband HHH's first child, tells a story about how Vince called her into his office one day and told her he planned to write her condition into the storylines. Well, the story Vince proposed involved revealing incest within the Mc Mahon family, and ultimately claiming on screen that he was the father of Stephanie's child!

Stacy Keibler's pregnancy angle in WCW was an awful storyline, even by the already low, low WCW 2000 standards.

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Sadly, WCW never brought in Maury Povich at any point for a cameo, which may have been the sole redeeming feature the angle could have had. In true WCW tradition, the whole thing was quietly forgotten about after a month or so and never mentioned again.But the really scary thing is that this lot may not even be the bottom of the barrel. There have been even worse ideas that never made it past the writers' room.Let's have a look at some of the most ridiculous and mind-boggling ideas that were thrown about, and in some cases, seriously considered, but thankfully never came to fruition.In April 2010, shortly after her release from WWE, former diva Maria Kanellis did an interview with women's wrestling website diva-dirt.

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Maria talked about feeling frustrated with WWE writers because they were reluctant to give her or any of the other divas good storylines to sink their teeth into. Well, Maria then proceeded to discuss some rather absurd angles she had strongly suggested to WWE management to get herself over as a top woman in the division.Stephanie Mc Mahon, the head writer, wisely turned this down, fearing such an angle would wreck Melina's career.

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