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20-Sep-2019 03:37

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Since the start, their relationship has been at the center of tabloid fodder, and some have even labeled them as one of the most-hated couple in Hollywood.

But the truth about their marriage is more strange than most people realize.

In case you ever wondered what went down behind Rimes and Cibrian's closed doors, all you have to do is watch or read one of their countless interviews to get all the juicy deets. Cibrian confirmed their steamy romps during an interview with . Very healthy," and Rimes continued with, "We keep it interesting. But Stevie Wonder, Helen Keller, and their respective spouses could clearly see that their working relationship as costars had crossed over into a dangerous zone. Cibrian brought Glanville and Rimes was with her then-husband, Sheremet.

These two are apparently getting it on like bunny rabbits, and they love to gush about how amazing their sex life is. The four of them went to play pool, went out for sushi, and went dancing, according to an interview Glanville gave to .

We're loving RImes' ode to the '90s with her choppy 'do, and Cibrian looks like he hasn't aged a day since that photo was taken.

A lot of people are patiently waiting for Rimes and Cibrian to crash and burn as a way for "karma" to punish them for cheating on their ex-spouses.

She and Cibrian attended marriage counseling, but Glanville revealed "he never stopped talking to [Rimes] the entire time." Sheremet pulled the plug on his marriage to Rimes, according to When their divorces were finalized, they were finally free to be together.

But Rimes quickly found out that having an affair would be one of the toughest things she would ever go through.

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He found this in the garage while going through boxes.) Rimes bragged about their intimate moments when she said to the host, "Have you seen him? Glanville noticed a little bit of flirting between Rimes and Cibrian, and she also noticed how "very touchy-feely" Rimes was being with her then-husband.Although Glanville would later try to save her marriage, it was too little too late.She had a multi-layered cake baked in his honor, and it was decorated with all of Cibrian's "favorite things," according to Rime's tweet.

In the photo of the yummy dessert that was shared on her social media account, the frosted creation looked pretty delicious at first glance.

But when Rimes and Cibrian got reacquainted on the set of the 2009 made-for-TV film , they weren't going to let their relationship statuses stop them from having a very public and super messy affair.

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