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29-May-2019 14:23

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Lapo Elkann is an art lover with an impressive collection of contemporary art including original paintings by Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Damien Hirst, Roy Lichtenstein and rising contemporary artists including British artists Teddy M and Ian Berry who made his portrait out of denim.

After the death of his fabled grandfather, Gianni Agnelli, Lapo Elkann became the dashing public face of Fiat, while his media-shy brother, John, took over the endangered family empire.

The handsome, dazzling young public face of Fiat today, Lapo is worldwide director of brand promotion for Fiat Auto.

In just two years he had achieved the impossible: transforming the stodgy and financially troubled auto brand into an exciting new line.

But this time, as Lapo’s family arrived at the hospital, fighting their way through a phalanx of cameras and reporters, and the Fiat brass scrambled to squelch the news, the story began to emerge in increasingly shocking installments: first, that Lapo had been admitted “for respiratory problems of pharmacological origin,” then, according to police, that he had been taken from a “woman’s apartment.” The questions everyone asked were: What woman?

And where was Martina Stella, the love of Lapo’s life?

They rushed him to Mauriziano hospital and rolled him into the emergency room.

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“He is intelligent, extremely sensitive, very amusing, and has an extremely human quality.... Lapo inherited his grandfather’s suits, which he often wears with sneakers, and he emulates his speech (rolling his *r’*s), public dating habits (starlets accompanied by headlines), and taste in cars (an ever changing stable of Fiat-manufactured steeds awaiting him in cities all over Europe).An anomaly in the notoriously private, 163-member Agnelli family, Lapo had become the rock star of Italian business, and journalists and paparazzi dogged his every move, from his storybook romance with Italy’s No.

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