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you can then search words and it should come up with all the options. The best thing about Tinder is just how many people and potential matches you get, especially compared to the baron, queer-less wasteland of Bumble.

In terms of which profiles you're shown, the options are "show me men" or "show me women", however you can toggle both. It's super easy to use, and you can connect your Spotify and Instagram which enables low-key snooping on potential dates. Say what you want about Tinder being a hot bed for arseholes who'll lead you on, shag you and then immediately ghost you, but the first person I went on a date with on here is now my girlfriend. I love the ethos of the app, and everything it stands for.

A conversation on Tumblr – which has been upvoted more than 1,700 times since it was posted on Reddit – shows this phenomenon in action.

It all started with a comment sent to Tumblr user tenderlesbian, an 18-year-old who describes herself as a “femme dyke.” “Hi yes you were right I was on a date know how I found out? “I was downstairs cooking dinner and she came up from behind me and wrapped her arms around me and kissed the back of my neck and when I flushed bright red she asked me why and then laughed when I said I had a crush on her bc she thought this was like our fifth date but I was just taking it slow.” Tenderlesbian was stunned, admitting to her followers: “I don’t even know what to say.” The revelation attracted praise and similar stories, all of which were incredibly sweet, relatable and hilarious.

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As well as the usual height and age range filters, you can also specify where you want kids, take drugs, smoke and what your political leanings are.This is to encourage conversation, rather than mindless liking that never comes to anything., "Tinder makes being single more fun and rewarding by connecting people who may not have otherwise met in real life. We stand up for how a whole generation chooses to live their lives." I found I could only register as a man or a woman, which utterly pissed me off.