Lol sexy dating galz

28-May-2019 19:04

Well then I guess that's it, thank god you didn't make female characters who have no succubus-adjacent lore seem slutty or wear skimpy clothing. At this point though I would like to focus specifically on Janna , Miss Fortune and Nidalee because I'm sitting here reading their little Bios and nowhere does it indicate a reason that Janna is in her bra and panties, you already know why Miss Fortune in there and why Nidalee is also wearing basically nothing and even her skins are almost nothing, the Pharaoh one is completely wrong and inaccurate to what female Pharaohs actually wore and then there's french maid.These three are picked out not only for the skimpy looks but also in game the voicelines and dances all indicate that these women are horny. please hit Ctrl 3 on Janna and Nid and describe the dance with using the word "pole".So I've played 645 games this season as of this post, so I've seen some of your recent skins and played around a lot of them.I've also played as 99 champions in pvp and roughly 130~ in bots games.But hey, WW does the thriller and Talon does a moonwalk crotch grab and neither of them had a "Neverland" type of documentary for their crimes so dances don't really represent a champion right?So maybe Nidalee and her pole dance aren't THAT bad, except that a lot of her lines don't sound aggressive and hunt-like, instead it sounds like she's hunting for d**(you choose whether that's for or ) and Janna also has a weirdly uncharacteristic tone that sounds more like eve than someone standing for what's right like Garen. But in all seriousness these are 3 non-skimpy female champions that for some reason get really really sexually objectified(coincidentally Miss Fortune and her skins sell really well) But hey, sometimes a female may get a little skimped up, it ain't sexist if the same thing happens to male characters right? I wanted to see what would happen if we used some of the girls photos that were not SO smokin’ hot. I set the Zombie Bait then checked back the next day… All three women max out the match count within 24 hours with 99 pending matches… Same “attraction killing” mistakes, over and over and OVER and O-V-E-R!!!! And you’ll stand out in the mind of beautiful & compatible women Like there’s a giant flashing neon sign over your head, and guess what it says?

In a new post on the Nexus, champion designer August “Jinxy Lord” Browning noted that it has been over three years since the last “appealing” female champion was released.

“Having a large variety of female and male characters is really good for us.