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16-May-2019 20:33

Speculations first started when the duo was seen together in 2015 on a video on Instagram shared by a friend.

The video captures the moment of Balfe sitting on Mc Gill’s lap and playing the tin whistle, which was quite a show for the romance lookers.

You might have heard his names a few times but might not know who he is. Tony Mc Gill is a manager of the Scottish band, Fratellis, by profession.

Mc Gill seems to be in the profession for quite a time even though the exact date is still in the shades.

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Caption - Tony Mc Gill and Caitriona Balfe at the 2017's Oscar Wilde Awards Finally, in 2018, Balfe revealed her engagement on the 2018's Golden Globe Awards by flaunting her beautiful diamond engagement ring given by Tom Mc Gill.

Caitriona Balfe showing her engagement ring at the 2018's Golden Globes Awards ( for Outlander.

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Every University has its stereotypes, and Mc Gill is no exception.

Tony Mc Gill exchanged the vows with his longtime girlfriend, Caitriona on the 10th of August 2019.

Maintaining their level of secrecy, the ceremony was a close-knit one with only family and friends. Louis Beasley-Suffolk officiated the wedding and it was held at St. But, it might be a while till fans of the duo get to see photos of the ceremony.

I'm sure he could go on and on about the numerous stereotypes at Queen's, the University I attended, and he'd probably be right about most of them.

What's a good relationship if you can't tease each other a little, right?However, Tony Mc Gill was not present with Balfe at night for the celebration.

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