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25-Jul-2019 19:56

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I think graphics at a distance look really crumby with it turned off. Surely antialiasing isn't now permanently borked for a lot of users?

Still happening 5 months later, and I have ot agree the lack of AA is kind of ruining the experience, can anyone comment is it only on certain types of AMD/ATI cards?

AMD Phenom II X4 925Biostar A870U38 GB RAMASUS Cu Core EAH5770 I have the same problem as you, it started a few days ago.

I connect to a server, it loads up, and not even a minute passes and it crashes.

Once Web Edit was removed from my NPP install, the problem disappeared. I just tried a stock install of webedit and launched notepad (w/ the KB update in place). So in answer to your question, no special setting of webedit was required for me to see the issue.

Your windows 10 OS/build version match what I have.

If you must run in the default Local System account, then you can run a batch file that sets up the environment and then launches

Logging in today (5/3), I barely get a minute in before BF4 crashes with faulting module atidxx64

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whether to run application as windows service, prunsrv.exe, are enough is it?To further isolate this issue, I tried selectively re-installing my user plug-ins (starting from just the base set that installs by default w/ NPP).

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