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Albinius tells his daughter to escort Publius to the wine while he has private words with Glaber.

Once they leave, Albinius tells Glaber that he is trying to keep him in the favor of the senate (who have no faith in him), and, if Glaber loses any more standing, he will see the favor sway to Publius (who has made friends and is respected by both senate and the people).

Nasir goes on to state that he wants to talk to Crixus, but Agron stops him.

Agron tells him that if Crixus knew the truth, people would die in a pointless battle.

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Meanwhile, Agron and Nasir are looting the driver when he wakes up and says he knows where Naevia is and will tell them if they let him go.

Ilithyia apologizes to Glaber for not telling them of their arrival and confesses she was busy reuniting with her father and trying to pry news of Rome from Publius.

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