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25-May-2019 03:48

Often, these ‘party cars’ of young, beautiful folks listening to heavy music are on their way to the local ‘single house’.

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I hitched a total of around 2000km in Iran and found that hitching was one of the best ways to meet a very diverse group of people.

Most unmarried Iranians live with their parents but a handful have their own place, these ‘single houses’ are the go-to locations for couples wanting to spend alone time together and, of course, for the underground party scene…

Parties vary hugely from substance-assisted frenzies to rather chilled out dinner parties.

Regardless of the atmosphere, Iranians love to dance and upon arriving at the party will quickly change out of conservative clothing into more, erm, Western clothing.

The Iranian men-folk love a drink and take great pride in showing off their own homemade vodkas, wines and beers.The first vehicle I ever controlled, a motorbike in Vietnam, I sent hurtling off a cliff. Whilst smiling, joking and gently chewing on pistachios, Iranians will tackle blind corners at a hundred miles an hour, wrenching the steering wheel from side to side in an attempt to hit as many bystanders as possible.