Psychology dating websites

22-Jun-2019 05:54

Use colors other than pink — like blue, purple, and green — and you may improve the appeal of your e-commerce website to female visitors. If you’re marketing to men, these are the colors to stay away from: purple, orange, and brown. These colors — blue, green, and black — are traditionally associated with maleness.However, it comes as a slight surprise to some that brown isn’t a favorite pick.My own research on the topic, as this article conveys, lacks scientific evidence to back up every claim.But that alone is no reason to dismiss the profound and unarguable effect that color has on people.So, the bottom line is: use the right colors, and you win.In order to really appreciate the tips below, you’ll benefit from a little information on color psychology.Dieters have used blue plates to successfully prevent them from eating more.Evolutionary theory suggests that blue is a color associated with poison.

Color psychology is a must-study field for leaders, office managers, architects, gardeners, chefs, product designers, packaging designers, store owners, and even expectant parents painting the nursery for the new arrival! Specifically, we’re talking about the color scheme of a website, which includes the tint of hero graphics, headline type, borders, backgrounds, buttons, and popups.

For example, if you are selling bouncy jump houses — those things that kids play in — you don’t want to use a black website. For the jump house site, you want lots of bright and vibrant colors, probably some reds, greens, and maybe a splash of yellow for good measure.