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Earth science is founded on basic principles that are useful for making many useful observations about the world around us.

This chapter presents a mix of information that is essential (fundamental) to all following chapters.

The time scale links measures of time (on the scale of periods ranging from thousands, millions, to billions of years) to established names for those time periods used in publications (reports and maps).

The geologic time scale has been continuous refined as new data is collected.

The term outcrop is used to describe a location where bedrock is exposed (or crops out).

Why do landscapes in different areas have unique characteristics? Landscapes change from one region to the next because of the composition and character of bedrock changes from place to place.

Examples of igneous rocks include granite, gabbro, and basalt.

Rocks of igneous origin are discussed in Chapter 9.

The rock cycle illustrates the series of events in which a rock of one type is converted to one or more other types, and then possibly back to the original type.

This chapter expands on the concepts focused on the solid earth (geology).

We begin with a discussion on geologic time and the rock cycle — a graphic and conceptual model to illustrate common rocks and earth materials and the processes that form or change them, over time.

The rock cycle is a graphic and conceptual model to illustrate common kinds of rocks and earth materials and the processes that form or change them over time.

Figure 3-4 also illustrates the rock cycle—but includes more detail about both rocks and earth materials, and selected geologic features associated with geologic processes. Pathways to rock origins may go several routes—rocks of any kind can be changed in different ways into a variety of other rocks types.Geologists attempt to unravel geologic history by studying the geometry of outcrops in an area.

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