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22-Apr-2019 23:23

Both of the deterministic models and their ensembles showed a shift to the...

Read More8/31/19: This is a closer look at the American and European models from this afternoon plus the official NHC forecast track for Dorian.

Because they are sensitive to human disturbance, it is imperative that the area remains closed to protect the nesting habitat.

In 1996, the eagles successfully produced their first pair of offspring.

These nestlings will first leave the nest in late May to early June, approximately 72 days after hatching.

Both parents take care of the young eagles even after they leave the nest.

The eagles have been using that same nest for 24 years, until this past year when they decided to build a new nest just to the east of their old nest site.

Both of the deterministic models and their ensembles showed a shift to the east today.

Both of these models bring Dorian very close to the NC coast - still leading to dangerous winds, heavy rain, and storm surge even without a direct landfall.

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Document and time-lapse your important road and bridge projects with Earth Cam's powerful webcam technology.Read More The 5 PM Dorian advisory is in and Dorian remains a powerful category 4 hurricane slowly tracking west at 8 mph.